Dungeon Lords. Broken tirannies

Blue: Alex Isabelle
Red: Laura Beltrami
Yellow: Luca Orlandini
Green: Lucia Neviani

Another weekend, another game of Dungeon Lords. Again without expansion, because we had Lucia as a new player. She found herself with demolished dungeon but meh, the first game, it happens.

A group consisting of an OP paladin,
a cleric and two extreme level wizards
preparing to invade the yellow dungeon.

The hero from a few games ago, Orla, got screwed by a couple of design errors, which seriously undermined his ability to withstand the hordes of heroes. In the end, he always managed to get by, but he had several rooms conquered in the meantime.

I had staked everything on the creation of a militarily organized dungeon: medium-sized, concentrated, full of rooms in which to fight with multiple monsters at a time. At one point I had earned so many "evil" points that I found myself on a path of no return. Pressing forward the accelerator on the highway of violence, for the first time the paladin entered the game, in the most powerful incarnation of him. I managed to take him down, and I was counting on my golem's power to take out the mighty mages following him, in the absence of any other monsters I hadn't been able to contract. The latter, however, responded with an arsenal of spells apparently designed to put it out of use. After distracting it with an illusory hero they turned it into a goat and knocked it out, then proceeded to conquer half a dungeon.

The fallen paladin.

Laura, on the other hand, proposed a branched dungeon populated by witches, vampires and ghosts, so much bad stuff that in order to keep it without splashing out of the way on the evil-o-meter she had to make, every turn, moves to lower her level of wickedness. She has equipped herself with the room that empowers vampires and witches, and has done a carnage.

Her careful handling of her dungeon won, albeit slightly, over the destructive impulses of my one. In the final tally she was only one point ahead of me, a trifle that I could have equalized had it not been for a series of small blows of bad luck. But anyhow, the ship of failure sails on seas of excuses.

As a result Laura wins her first game against me. She put me here on the couch doing this post because she demanded public recognition. She now she feels great because she finally has proof of being able to play well. But say, would she be experiencing these pleasures if I hadn't beaten her unilaterally for months on all the other games? Who knows. The fact is that now she is here roaring and I must immediately organize another game to make her lower the crest, otherwise this is going to be a pain.

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The fearsome wizard with 6 hit points, who was handled easily here given the absence of warriors in front of him, but who made a mess last game.

The red dungeon, protected by two witches and a bat.

The final count.


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