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The Battles for Ypres. The Siege of Geluvelt. Part 1

Central Powers: Alex Isabelle Triple Entente: Laura Zambonini Beltrami October 29th 1914, first day It's night. The fog is so dense that the various companies of the 54th division of German reserves, that have been assigned the thankless task of conquering Geluvelt, a small Flemish village not many kilometers east from the city of Ypres, find themselves advancing for a few hours in conditions of substantial blindness. Aware that straight ahead of them there are a few but experienced British expeditionary troops - a mixed force, made up of a few companies from the Coldstream Guards, the Black Watch and the Grenadier Guards - they advance west side by side, following the road that joins the city ​​of Menen, formerly under German control, to Ypres. Geluvelt is located exactly halfway along this street. Its small castle towers over a strategically useful intersection. Further south is a much smaller village, Zandvoorde; the directives are to conquer this too within three days. This to