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Blackbeard. Syphilis strikes back

Edward Low, Edward Teach, Howell Davis, Walter Kennedy, Edward England: Alex Isabelle Samuel Bellamy, Fran├žois l'Ollonais, Thomas Tew, Raveneau de Lussan, Bartholomew Roberts: Laura Beltrami We are in the second half of the 17th century. With the full maturation of the colonies the international market flourishes: the seas are populated by merchant ships, which fly the flags of the most important European countries. These, sympathetic but suspended in a state of perennial military and economic tension, do not turn their attention to the colonies, considering them as sources of income perfectly capable of self-administration. However, this move turns out to be wrong: soon mercenaries short of wages, rebel soldiers, leftovers, rebel slaves, pseudo-anarchists notice the fat merchant ships that sail the seven seas. They are extremely interesting targets, real stray loot waiting to be plundered. From there to the establishment of entire crews dedicated to banditry, the step is short. Th