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No Motherland Without. Soviets plus electricity

  North Korean: Laura Beltrami Western: Alex Isabelle August 1945 World War II will be over in a few days. Global attention is focused on the incredible moments that accompany the difficult transition to peace. While Europe is divided among the allied forces, Japan, which still refuses to surrender, is hit by the bombing of Hiroshima. Two days later the USSR reopens confrontations in Manchuria, trying to occupy as much Asian territory as possible before the inevitable end of the conflict. The next day Nagasaki is hit. Japan quickly sets out to surrender, while its troops are pushed back from all occupied and colonial territories. Even if on August 15th the Emperor officially announces the surrender, the occupation of the Japanese territories by the Allies continues for a couple of weeks. Among the liberated territories there is also Korea, in the middle of which the Russian and American troops meet, approximately at the latitude of the 38th parallel. The former Japanese colony, conquer