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XCOM. Enemy of old

Squad Leader: Marcello Vezzosi Commander: Alex Isabelle Central Officer and Chief Scientist: Carlo Alberto Magnani Year 199X: the Earth is in danger. A confederation of alien races from Mars shows up in the lower Earth orbit with a clear goal: the total subjugation of the human race. The initial military response of the various countries of the world is immediately unable to cope with such a global emergency. In fact, nothing seems to be able to stem the arrival of the increasingly numerous flying saucers that explore the planet in search of the most suitable points for the landing of the occupying troops. Realizing that the only way to deal with this offensive is to join forces, the governments of Earth establish XCOM, an administratively independent institution, backed by massive funds from all six continents. The best among the soldiers of all the armed forces on the planet are recruited, and, with a titanic joint research and development effort, a good number of Interceptors, newly