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Commands & Colors: Ancients. The vengeance of Akragas

Syracusans: Laura Beltrami Carthaginians: Alex Isabelle A few weeks after the first battle of Akragas (ie: the same scenario) the same game is repeated with reversed parts, thanks to the fact that the first time we had fooled a fundamental rule that had greatly changed the game, introducing a dynamic of "fog of war" all in all functional but not foreseen by the original game. This time I am in command of the Carthaginian troops, historically plagued by this confrontation, which saw the elite troops of Magna Graecia kick the asses of the rear of the Carthaginian troops intent on besieging Akragas, today's Agrigento. The scenario is a bit asymmetrical. The Syracusans have a rather balanced front with a very solid center, made up of heavy troops who, if given the chance to do damage, are well capable of carrying out a massacre. The Carthaginians, on the other hand, have a slightly more grungy front, with a slightly more solid side and a slightly higher mobility. Both sides

Dungeon Lords. Broken tirannies

Blue: Alex Isabelle Red: Laura Beltrami Yellow: Luca Orlandini Green: Lucia Neviani Another weekend, another game of Dungeon Lords. Again without expansion, because we had Lucia as a new player. She found herself with demolished dungeon but meh, the first game, it happens. A group consisting of an OP paladin, a cleric and two extreme level wizards preparing to invade the yellow dungeon. The hero from a few games ago, Orla, got screwed by a couple of design errors, which seriously undermined his ability to withstand the hordes of heroes. In the end, he always managed to get by, but he had several rooms conquered in the meantime. I had staked everything on the creation of a militarily organized dungeon: medium-sized, concentrated, full of rooms in which to fight with multiple monsters at a time. At one point I had earned so many "evil" points that I found myself on a path of no return. Pressing forward the accelerator on the highway of violence, for the first time the paladin e

Space Empires. Space marauders

Vasyr's Raiders: Alex Isabelle Reds of Altair: Laura Beltrami On one side the Vasyr's Raiders, on the other the Reds of Altair. Two peoples from distant solar systems, united by one thing: the interest in making their planet the capital of a stellar empire. Although separated from the pitfalls of deep space, it was clear from the outset that only one of the two could reign over this sector of the galaxy. Peace was never going to be an option. The initial phase of the game saw a very rapid expansion by the Raiders, who quickly produced large numbers of colonizing ships, sending them around their sector to take control of the planets. The Reds, on the other hand, opted for a more cautious approach, dealing primarily with the collection of minerals, colonizing the planets more slowly, and developing military technologies early on. Two completely different approaches, which quickly came to a confrontation, even if not an open one, when the people of Vasyr, having explored a large p