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Hellenes. The Archidamian War. Part 1 (of 2)

Athenian: Alex Isabelle Spartan: Laura Beltrami The year is 431 BC, and the Spartans break the tie: without thinking twice they gather their troops from Corinth and besiege Plataea. It is the beginning of the Peloponnesian Wars. Their troops, which popular tales want to be very numerous, do not scare the Athenians, who put together a variegated and very angry dream team and proceed to engage the besieging army. The resulting clash is the first battle of the Peloponnesian Wars: a no-holds-barred brawl that ends with a head-to-head of the hoplitic phalanxes of the two cities. The Spartans, unprepared for such aggression, flee, abandoning the battlefield and reorganizing further south, in the territories adjacent to Corinth. In truth, the war had already begun far to the north, in Potidea, a rebel tributary city to Athenian power, where Spartan troops had barricaded themselves hoping for reinforcements from the south. Reinforcements had in fact arrived, but not for their faction: a large

Twilight Struggle. The Central American crisis

American: Laura Beltrami Soviet: Alex Isabelle We were camping at the Marmore Falls, an idyllic place if it weren't for the fact that, that day, a hellish downpour was coming down on us, and it kept us in the tent for the whole day. It would have been terrible if it weren't for the fact that we had Twilight Struggle with us. It was therefore decided to review the history of the Cold War. The game begins with a first power struggle in Europe and the Middle East. The political game initially sees the United States respond to the economic crisis in Europe with the Marshall Plan, which opens the door to a shower of American influence in the old continent, and then allows the Americans to establish NATO. The blockade of Berlin in no way prevents the Americans from carrying out their projects. However, they are slowed down by the arrival of Charles de Gaulle at the helm of France. With his arrival the latter, already disputed between the two superpowers, definitively inclines toward