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Brotherhood & Unity. The Sarajevo pocket

Serbian: Laura Beltrami Croatian: Marcello Vezzosi Bosniak: Alex Isabelle It is the early 1990s and Bosnia and Herzegovina finds themselves to be the sad theater of growing ethnic tensions. Similarly to many territories in central-eastern Europe, in fact, this area of the Balkans hosts a multitude of nationalities who see themselves first of all as Serbs, Croats and Muslims, and only secondarily as Bosniaks. The perfect recipe for a disaster, which brew throughout all of the twentieth century: the region, initially a periphery of the Ottoman Empire, was incorporated by the Austro-Hungarian Empire following the Russo-Turkish War. Soon came the time of the Trianon Treaty, which split the Empire into several small states, laying the foundations for a resentment that would be shared by the entire Balkan area and that would not fade with the birth of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After a Second World War strongly fueled ALSO by these tensions, the Tito dictatorship was able to keep the situati