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Nightfigther. A blaze in the english skies

  English (player): Laura Beltrami German (umpire): Alex Isabelle East Sussex. Late September, 1940. Night A lone fighter, a Hurricane Mk 1, patrols the skies of southern England. The Battle of Britain is now over: the fight for air supremacy in the English skies has led to a clear victory for the RAF. Since several days the German raids on London have decreased in number and intensity and the Axis air force is being redirected to other uses. Though, it is not yet the moment to let the guard down. A German blitz could strike at any moment, theoretically even at night. And so entire teams of Hurricane planes, designed for daytime use, so devoid of instrumentation for nightfighting that they are almost useless for this purpose, are sent on long and desolating explorations of the English skies. A random view. Scattered over a large territory, these teams travel without radar, without ground guidance, in skies illuminated only by moonlight, trying to see any passing enemy aircraft with the

Hannibal. Affinities-differences between Senator Cato and us

Carthaginian: Alex Isabelle Roman: Laura Beltrami What will be remembered as one of the most particular Hannibal games I've ever played opens with a tired advance from Hannibal. While the citizens of Massalia, loyal to Rome, broaden their control over the neighboring territories, the Insubrians and the Boii of Gallia Cisalpinia do the same, involving in their league the Taurini, who inhabit the more western lands of the Po Valley. The state in which Laura was at the end of the review of the rules. Scenario: Livorno-Olbia ferry. This is obviously a problem for the Romans, because it risks offering the Carthaginians considerable tactical support. Hannibal, in fact, begins at this point to march towards Cisalpinia. The Roman consuls, who in this phase are Tiberius Sempronius Longus and Publius Cornelius Scipio, father of the homonymous Scipio whom real history will remember as Africanus, "the African", are nevertheless men of thought rather than fatigue. They do not immediat