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Space Empires. The perils of deep space (part 1 of 2)

Droids Confederation (yellow): Alex Isabelle Shogunate of the Stars (green): Andrea Benassi Earth’s Military Junta (blue): AI Space Troglodytes (red): AI The Sector, dominated by the two allied peoples of the Shoguns and the Droids, is experiencing a prolonged period of peace and prosperity. This is fueled by riches from the Galactic Capital, a deep space planet that is actually easy to reach via a wormhole. The Capital is the center of control over this Sector, and is governed by the two peoples mentioned above. The presence of aliens in deep space is known, but it is not the subject of real considerations. Shoguns and Droids have no interest in expanding their empires. Suddenly, however, an alarm spreads: two external peoples are initiating large-scale military operations. The first comes from planet Earth and is dominated by an extremely disciplined Military Junta; the other is an inferior power that does not appear in the encyclopedias of the Galactic Capital; it is only known that

Root. Progress and honour

Marquise de Cat: Laura Beltrami Eyrie Dynasties: Alex Isabelle There is a bad air in the forest of Root. The Marquise de Cat has arrived in great force, with her cat army. She has occupied the forest to begin with, and has then launched a forced industrialization plan that involves building a large number of sawmills and workshops in which to put to work the rabbits, mice, foxes and birds that populate the forest. At the same time, however, she too plans to produce training centers where she can recruit the best of these among her ranks: the occupation of Root does not, in fact, look like an easy game. In a clearing on the opposite side from the one where the cats have placed their operations center, seeing opportunities in this period of turmoil, a military dispatch led by a woodpecker has arrived. The latter is an exponent of the Eyrie Dynasties, a group of aristocratic avian families who once controlled the forest; after seeing their authority gradually fade, they see this as an opp