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The Mission. On the Copts and their natural tendency towards heresy (part 6 of 6)

  The entry of Islam , in the form of a violent wind of change that blew from the Middle East towards all the borders of the known world, devastated the Roman Empire, reducing it to a small colony in the Peloponnese. Only the tiny kingdom of Odo I of Aquitaine, later annexed by the Saxons, managed to slow down their advance in mid-Europe, while the kingdoms of Nubia are the only ones who found a diplomatic agreement with the jihadists, formalizing the Baqt, a slave trade that blocked the spread of the revolution along what, for me, is the Coptic branch of Christianity. As for the pagan peoples, the Turks were relegated to the point of disappearing from the map, while the Vandals were replaced by the Berbers, themselves Muslims. It's going badly, in short, but we are now at the end of a thousand-year journey. Christianity has survived so far, but still has to wait a few centuries before the coming of the Crusades, the final climax in which the state of the Mission in the world will

The Mission. On the Copts and their natural tendency towards heresy (part 5 of 6)

  The Roman Empire faltered, under the pressure of a horde of barbarian populations who have sacked Rome, ruined the title of Emperor, and significantly reduced the imperial borders. Strong support, both economic and factual, from Christians to the Roman cause, however, managed to stem the damage both in Mauretania Tingitana, where the Vandals still can't surpass the border, and in Ethiopia, where the Himyar clans, despite an initial advance, were driven back into the desert by the Nubian kingdoms. We must not forget, in fact, that in this game, starting from the advent of Constantius II and up to the coming of Gregory the Great , Christianity was a warring religion, which did not disdain the use of weapons in order to protect its own doctrine. It is not certain that such weapons will prove capable of defeating the next incoming enemy, however, as this time Christianity will face a threat coming from within: a new Abrahamic religion is in fact spreading, once again, from the Middl