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Root. The voice of the master

Marquise de Cat: Chiara Morelli Revolutionary Forest Militancy: Alex Isabelle Vagabond raccoon: Andrea Benassi Eyrie Dynasties: Laura Beltrami The liberation of the wood of Root. A bedtime story for young and old. It was April 25th in the woods of Root. Like so many things that proliferate in the spring, the capitalist machine of the Marquise de Cat had also expanded throughout the territory, after having wrested power from the ancient aristocracy of birds that ruled the forest for centuries. But while the cats were preparing the gentrification of the forest, watchful eyes gazed upon them. A multitude of quick and sparkling looks, with equally brilliant ideals, wondered when the time would finally come for the people to rise up. At the same time, very different eyes, rapaciious and warring, contemptuous of the worldly openness to trade that characterized these conquering bourgeois, meditated in the shadows, eager to restore the ancient splendor and promulgate the edicts with which, in

Kingdom of Heaven. Antioch and other misfortunes: the Second Crusade

Scenario B, "Quantum Praedecessores: The Second Crusade". Cristiana: Laura Beltrami Muslim: Alex Isabelle Forty-five years. Almost half a century has passed since the end of the First Crusade, with which, as we have seen in the report of the first scenario , the whole Christian world had reasons to doubt that the reconquest of the holy land was pleasing to the eyes of the Most High. The history of the Crusades, however, is made up of celestial visions, annihilating glories, romantic failures. In short: the soul of Man is not made to give in easily - is this not perhaps one of his qualities? - and, in the case of valiant warriors of high ideals, certainly not at the first misstep. So here is that the first experiment is followed by another: a Second Crusade through which it will be possible to amend the faults and errors of the first one. Muslims prepare an action plan Kingdom of Heaven is generous, because each game is a case by itself: the scenario setup is always historica

Space Empires. The perils of deep space (part 2 of 2)

Droids Confederation (yellow): Alex Isabelle Shogunate of the Stars (green): Andrea Benassi Earth’s Military Junta (blue): AI Space Troglodytes (red): AI First part:  click . The droids and the shogunate are taking a breath. The fleet of primitive Space Troglodytes was narrowly defeated in the skies of Kronos. The Alliance colonies, as well as the headquarters of the Galactic Capital, are safe. Having considered that the war is not lost but is also far from being won, the Droids launch an unfortunate colonial adventure on the alien planet Deneb, finding in its defenders a great challenge. The indigenous people of the planet, in fact, manage to prepare a decidedly tenacious defense: the fleet almost destroys the landing ships of the Droids. Furthermore, once on the ground, the militia proove to be dearly, making the conquest of the planet a real via crucis for the colonial force. At the end of this slaughter, the soldier droids still manage to establish a federal government on this plan

Kingdom of Heaven. Syphilitics and Shia: The First Crusade

Scenario A, "Deus lo Vult! The First Crusade". Christian: Laura Beltrami Muslim: Alex Isabelle We are at the end of the eleventh century, and Asia Minor has been occupied, in the course of about twenty years, by the Seljuk Turks, who have eroded the borders of the Byzantine Empire to the point of forcing the latter to seek an alliance with the kingdoms of Western Christianity, which unlike it are going through a period of prosperity. Pope Urban II, who was already looking for ideas to orient this new power towards the lands of the heathens, therefore does not miss this opportunity to answer that call, and formulates a solution on a grand scale. The First Crusade is then announced; those who participate will receive a total atonement for their sins. The game is not about the very first contingent of crusaders who arrived in the holy land, that "Crusade of the beggars" led by the visionary Pietro the Hermit, a body of twenty thousand subjects without weapons or discip