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Cthulhu Wars. The Cuban exodus, the escape from the Moon and the collapse of reality

Bubastis: Alex Isabelle Crawling Chaos: Luca Giannini Sleeper: Davide Guglielmi Somewhere in the world a game of Arkham Horror , one of Mansions of Madness and another of Mythos Tales end badly. The cult of the Sleeper of N'kai, also known as Tsathoggua, flourishes in Arkham and spreads throughout North America, while that of the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep, explodes in China. This alarms the population of Earth cats, who go to council on the Moon to decide what to do. With all due respect to Randolph Carter, Doctor Armitage, and the other humans who have tried in vain to prevent the coming of these nightmarish creatures, the situation is now out of control and the future of the Earth is sealed: all that awaits us is open war between these two cults and the cats to decide the fate of the planet. A late premise: the writer takes great pride in having theorized, five years ago, that the long story in which the "space cats" debuted, namely The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadat