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Washington's War. The war from the armchair

American: Laura Beltrami British: Alex Isabelle This was "the Washington War" even though George Washington actually fought it very little. The northern colonies in fact soon turned into a sensational stalemate, marked only by occasional Iroquois riots. The American leader actually managed it quite badly and in 1776 he was almost captured: he managed to retreat before the battle, that he would have certeanly lost, and then built a well-garnished outpost in Springfield, where he cowardly remained until the end of the war.  The southern colonies went through a differen story. After the arrival of an English division, South Carolina and North Carolina were scared shitless and returned to fly the English flag, while Georgia, after a year of anarchy, chose to remain loyal to the rebel cause. Twice the congress venue was stormed and occupied by British troops. After the events of Philadelphia and Point Pleasant it was moved to the far south, to St. Mary's, in the devastated Geo