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Blackbeard. Mungo Herdman beards piracy

Charles Vane, Stede Bonnet, William Kidd, Henry Avery: Alex Isabelle Ravanau de Lusan, John Rackham, Howell Davis, Samuel Bellamy: Laura Beltrami Emmanuel Wynne, Edward England, George Lowther, John Quelch, Edward Teach: Luca Orlandini Francis Spriggs, Bartholomew Roberts, John Taylor, Thomas Tew: Andrea Benassi It is Howell Davis who kicks off the Golden Age of Piracy. We are in the late seventeenth century and we are in seas still marked by the struggles between the European states and their colonies, populated by hundreds of mavericks ready to get rich at any cost. Seas crossed by merchant ships loaded with spices, slaves and other amenities of the modern era. Davis, a Welsh pirate of great skill and charisma, finds himself with his crew of criminals off the coast of present-day Panama, looking for this kind of ships. After weeks of searching he decides to attack a freighter loaded with silver from Portobello and bound for Spain. The news is sufficiently destabilizing to activate th