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Bomber Command. The battle of Magdeburg

English: Alex Isabelle German: Laura Beltrami The Battle of Magdeburg, a complex and poorly organized night operation with which the RAF proposed to strike the capital of Saxony, lasted a total of eight hours. Eight hours in the "narrated" life of the game, where each turn corresponds to half an hour of simulated time; about eight hours (but I think even more) even in the real world, where we interspersed the game several times, making it last a total of three nights. On the one hand, some six hundred British bombers, divided into four groups, arrived from across the Channel in the form of a terrifying 250-mile long single line (think about it, a 250-mile line of bombers). On the other hand, the forces of the Nachtjagd, that is to say the branch of the German air force specialized in night fighters. As mentioned, the raid was badly organized. Underestimating the German ability to react, the Englishman opted for a centralized breakthrough in the direction of Helgoland Bay. Her